We have developed our vision of the DASH coin, which will be of interest to investors and miners.


A new Dash

About DashFirst

While Bitcoin remains extremely unstable and difficult to enter while ZCash is a super centralized and insecure coin, while ETH comes up with strange innovations that do not bring anything new, the only coin that fully supports the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto is DASH, but DASH is a very expensive coin to become a part which is very difficult.




Name:   DashFirst

Ticker:    DFCN

Type:   Pow/Masternode

Max supply:  32.000.000

Pre mine:  500.000

Algorithm:  x11

Block TIme: 1 Minute

Max Block Size: 10MB

Progressive Nodes

Collateral: 3000 DFCN

Progressive Nodes Reward: 90%

Proof of work Reward: 10%


        Block Number               Block Reward

        2-3000                               0,2

3001-8000                                2

8001-13000                              6

13001-28000                              15

28001-43000                              30

43001-100000                            40

100001-Infinite                           250